2+ Hours of Video • Download & On Demand • One-time Fee

2+ Hours of Video • Download & On Demand • One-time Fee
John Combs BJJ Presents

The Combatine

The Combatine

Guillotine Masterclass

Welcome to John Combs BJJ!

Hi there! I’m excited to present to you a new guillotine instructional video series (aka The Combatine). As many of you know, the guillotine has been my a-game for quite some time. In fact, BJJ Heroes calculates at least 50% of my competitive matches are won by guillotine submission. I’ve relentlessly drilled and perfected my system over the years. Now I’m putting everything I know into one instructional series. Everything from the basics to defense, counter attacks and beyond.
There will be something for everyone in this instructional. White belt to black belt.



Renzo Gracie > Amal Easton > John Combs

Main Achievements

  • Pan American Champion (2016 brown)
  • US National Pro Champion (2016 brown weight + absolute)
  • F2W Pro Superfight Champion (2015/2016)
  • Las Vegas Open Champion (2016 brown)
  • Las Vegas Open Runner-up (2016 brown absolute)
  • World Championship 3rd Place (2014/2015 purple)
  • Pan American Championship 3rd Place (2015 purple, 2016 brown absolute)


Easton Training Center • Renzo Gracie Team

3 Modules

15 Core Lessons

2+ Hours of Video

On Demand

Digital Download

Course Outline

Module 1 • Guillotine Basics

  • Entries from the knees - all basic elements
    • 4 points of contact: ribs, elbow, chin, shoulder (controlling head)
    • 3 big moves: grips, hips, leg positions
  • Entries from top position of side control & mount - forcing the reaction
  • Wrestling entries: single, double leg, etc.
  • Entries from top half guard
  • Entries from Turtle, Back, Bottom

Module 2 • Guillotine Defensive Counters

  • Common reactions & counters to secure all basic elements: lose chin, hand fighting, etc.
  • Great positions
  • Hopping over leg, posture too strong
  • Peel leg out of half, or one arm w post.
  • Hiding limbs and tucking chin. Line from hip to armpit, maintaining contact

Module 3 • Beyond the Guillotine

  • Strong arm post, hip heist to reset
  • Fighting grips, switch to deeper side (armbar), move to mount
  • Perfect wrestling beats a good guillotine
  • Switching to anaconda when you stay on your back, leg helps too
  • Omoplata/triangle